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Brighton by Brighton!

Running from now until the end of October, the "Brighton by Brighton" show has come to the Iydea Cafe at 17 Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

Do pop in for a look and and a great coffee if you are in the brighton area.

Show has been organised by Jason and Mike - thanks! Flyer put together by monkeymillions, image by yellowbear.

Show features:

Claire Griffiths, Photomotive, Mike Oddhayward, Abigail Horn, Andy Wilson, Monkeymillions, Kris Mitchell, Lisa Garner, The James Kendall, Lee Albrow, Clive Reedman, Southcoasting, Barney Livingston, Simon Tomlinson, Scribe, Kaiser Kai, Freiya Benson, Greything, The Brownhorse, Microabi, Ben Ward in Hove, Aneye4apicture, Ben Petrucci

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